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Product Placement and Branded Integration

Product placement advertising is a proven method of developing brand recognition by presenting a brand’s logo, verbal mention or appearance of a product in an entertainment property. These include feature films, television, mobile, music videos, video games, theater, website, broadband content and publications.

Poster for Organon’s Nuvaring contraceptive device on a 2007 episode of Scrubs.  
With more and more branded consumer products finding their way directly into popular television sitcoms and dramas, are prescription drugs soon to follow?

In 2006, Nielsen Product Placement counted 462 mentions of prescription medicines on TV shows. This, according to Nielsen Product Placement, is double the figure from the year before. Since then the number has nearly tripled.

Although there has been considerable hesitation among the big players in this sector, RxCelebs believes pharmaceutical product placement in film and television shows is a growing trend that is here to stay.

One of the first drug companies to enter the arena was Organon. In 2005, the pharma company placed posters for its Nuvaring contraceptive in the backgrounds of NBC's Scrubs and CBS' King of Queens. Since then, it has added ABC's Grey's Anatomy to its list, according to brand director.

Drug companies are also becoming expert in branded content deals that do not include overt placements. In 2007, Roche did a tie-in with the movie Happy Feet for its "Flu Facts" effort, in which the penguins appeared in Roche ads. Roche markets the Tamiflu.

Johnson & Johnson's Centocor unit currently has a documentary in limited theatrical
  Prilosec OTC, which has been an associate sponsor of Richard Childress Racing’s #31 team since 2006, will be will be the primary sponsor of the #31 Prilosec OTC-Walmart Chevy driven by Jeff Burton for three races during the 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season.
release, InnerState, which looks at sufferers of psoriasis, Crohn's disease and arthritis. Centocor markets Remicade for those conditions, but the drug is not mentioned in the movie.

In 2008, the LapBand, marketed by Allergan, was written into the story line of the CBS soap The Guiding Light. Caitlin Van Sandt, who plays Ashley, one of the characters on the show, actually had the procedure performed in real life so the producers integrated the experience in the show.

Despite the controversary, the team at RxCelebs is convinced that as this segment matures our client partners will need all of our help and guidance to effectively and ethically navigate the world of branded integration and product placement for their pharmaceutical brands.

RxCelebs will handle budgets large and small, and will efficiently create an engaging campaign that allows your dollar commitment to be applied towards a multiple of activation points. RxCelebs will work directly with the client and client’s media and creative agencies to research, strategize, activate and execute the most strategic and organic opportunities available for your pharmaceutical brand.

With the abundance of advertising and communications clutter, product placement and branded content can offer pharmaceutical products new ways to connect to your target audience, reach new consumers and broaden overall engagement.
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