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Ready for the Next War?
How pharma companies can catch up to the requirements of the modern marketing model.
Digital's Place in the Pharma Marketing Mix
The rush to digital will continue at a fast clip, but marketers need to reacquaint themselves with their brands' audiences.
OTC Drug Advertising: Alfred Hitchcock Style
The legendary director's on-screen attitude to his TV show's sponsor, Bristol-Myers, caused some consternation—until the drugmaker saw the results.
How Vital is Good Customer Experience in Healthcare?
Thanks to social media, a good or bad customer experience can go viral and make or break a business. But does this CX argument stand true in health?
Positioning: Still a Key Marketing Tool
Marketing communications theories come and go. One that has endured since it was put forward more than 30 years ago, however, is called positioning.
UK Company Wins Lilly Supplier Award
Social Media and the In-House Counsel
What is and what should be keeping you up at night.
Does Your Rigor Match Your Risk?
Digital technology has changed the risk relationship between brands, HCPs, and patients – it's vital to get that technology working right the first time.
Fixing Wikipedia
Will Pharma join a growing effort to make the world's leading online health information resource more relevant to providers and safer for patients? Peter Houston reports.
The New Metrics of Market Success
Profitability now depends on metrics to help companies answer a key strategic question: "stay the course" with more investment in sales and marketing? Or "stand down" and deploy those scarce assets somewhere else?
Managed Markets: Positioning Your Product For Success with Pull Through Strategies
A patient-centric approach to drug development delivers the benefits that actually create value.
Social Media: Have We Reached The Tipping Point?
For pharma marketers, the good news is recent advances in social media monitoring make it possible to listen to or engage with patients on social media websites.
Product Positioning 2.0
Industry and market transformations have dramatically altered when and how products should be positioned for launch, writes Stan Bernard.
Market Access is Dead
Patient access is the new driver of change and progress in healthcare marketing, says a senior industry player in market development.
The Art and Science of Creating Discomfort
What does a challenger brand need to do?
The Art and Science of Creating Discomfort: What does a challenger brand need to do?
To a marketer's initial effort to get health care providers to switch medicines they use to treat patients, comfort is the enemy. Marketing guru Al Topin describes how beyond creating discomfort, promoters need to create a new comfort zone and strengthen it by identifying unmet needs that the new therapy addresses.
Promotional Review Committees: How to Achieve High Performing Teams
Learn what it takes for promotional review teams to function at their best and avoid costly mistakes to the company.
Prescription for Growth: Embrace a Niche
The best way to grow in the pharma industry is to think small.
The Case for Content
Reaching skittish consumers through objective, storydriven information is digital marketing's hottest digit. But applying this consumer phenomenon in Big Pharma presents some unique challenges, writes Peter Houston.
Wanted: A Trusted Advisor
Al Topin on redefining your ad agency's role in today's complex pharma market
At the Nexus of Convergent Revolutions
Digital technologies meet cost containment in the new pharma marketing landscape, writes Bill Drummy.
Evidence-Based Marketing: From Rise to Stall—and Ultimate Triumph
The slow evolution toward a state of grace in tracking ROI for digital promotion.
On-Market Pricing Strategies
List pricing strategies that diverge from these approaches without "hitting the cliff".
Key to Brand Positioning: Look Inside Your Heart
Take a page from the consumer marketing playbook and promote a product's advantage and why it should matter to the customer.
Less Selling, More Time
What can happen when reps focus on the physician-patient conversation? Al Topin reports.
The Doctor-Patient Disconnect
Doctor-patient conversations aren't always what we think—this basic interaction represents both a problem and an opportunity for today's drug marketers, writes Al Topin.
Big Data, Bigger Ideas
How to stop worrying and learn to love the data.
Agencies and Clients — Dealing with a Break-Up
How an agency and client behave after they split speaks volumes about their culture and character, writes Al Topin.
Reforming Pharma Marketing
With respect to targeting, positioning, and launching new drugs, the ACA reform stands for Adjust, Change, and Adapt.
The Payer C Change: From Customers to Competitors
"Payers have evolved to become powerful global contenders with pharma for increasingly limited funding of drug budgets."
Doctors' Words No Longer Gospel
In the digital age, physicians don't call the shots when it comes to healthcare guidance, writes Al Topin.
Marketing: Why the Conversation Has Changed — Forever
At its core, pharma marketing is about conversations. Dynamic, persuasive conversations between companies and healthcare stakeholders. But one time it was simple; now it's not, writes Al Topin.
A Brand Positioning Nightmare
New drug indications can be a brand manager's worst nightmare or a dream come true. The difference lies in the perspective and in the branding strategy.
Marketing: Medical Devices vs. Pharma
Understanding the differences between drug and device marketing can make or break the brand's promotional activities.
Judging a Pill by its Cover
Pharmaceutical trade dres is an effective marketing tool that helps boost product recognition for consumers. It's worth protecting.
Agency Assignments: Managing the Hidden Costs
Saving the agency/client relationship begins first with the people involved and defining accountability on both sides
The Permanent Campaign
The product launch has been transformed from a concentrated, all-out military assault to the subtle, persuasive art of electioneering.
A Long, Slow Walk Toward the Altar
Agency/client relationships still take time to build into successful marriages in this age of digital connections and me-first attitudes
Turning the Ins and Outs of Marketing Inside-Out
Keeping your finger on the pulse of consumers leads to better, more actionable insights—and better results.
Giving Press Releases New Legs
Social media now gives companies a plethora of creative ways to digitally spread recent company news and keep customers informed
10 Emergency Brand Building Questions
EAB Member Al Topin delivers 10 questions that should drive your brand-building marketing program.
New Ways to Gain New Brand Insights
If you can learn to understand patient and physician behavior, you are well on your way to strengthening the position of your product
Managing Product Lifecycle
Patent expiries are inevitable, but brand teams should look to graduate the sales curve
Blame the Driver, Not the Car
Why is building a successful marketing program so difficult? It should be simple, if your product is worth marketing.
Using Social Networks to Guide Product Spend
Online sentiment analysis monitoring can help biopharma resource managers make crucial decisions
Winning Beyond the Molecule
It can take both a clinical and non-clinical approach to win the differentiation competition
Are You Trained to Compete and Win?
With the impact of the sales rep in decline, it's time to beef up training for other pharma functions to fill the gap in a competitive marketplace
Taking Advantage of the Science Behind Marketing
Being strategic—and applying data tools effectively— will go along way in helping to produce analytics that drive sales
Health 2.0: A Game-changer in the Health Care Industry
With the growth of online technology and mobile innovations, health information has never been more accessible. Given the constraints of working in a tightly regulated environment, life sciences companies have moved slowly to adopt Health 2.0, treating it as a minor component of their commercial strategies and marketing plans.
Adherence Through Education
Pharma's quest for patient adherence has been trying. Could better patient education be the answer?
Media Spend Trends
Pharma companies are starting to get back in the game with increased advertising spend in 2009. Do we have economic recovery to thank, or is there a deeper cause?
Managing the Middle
Outsourcing the sales representative function can help pharmaceutical companies build on their bottom line.
A Call for Communication
Survey suggests now is the time for biotechs to bolster communications in a highly charged acquisition atmosphere.
The U.S. Health Care Reform Opportunity: Implications and Recommendations for the Life Sciences Industry
This report provides a summary of the health care reform issues that have emerged as important to related industries. For life sciences companies in particular, the implications of those issues are examined and a new approach in addressing the government as a key stakeholder is explored.
Tech Toys 2: Revenge of the App
The new world of mobile applications is sparking creative platforms for reaching consumers and physicians.
Management dashboard for clinical trials operations decision making
This clinical business intelligence solution from Kalido and HighPoint Solutions helps organizations to effectively track and measure clinical performance, identifying how clinician actions impact outcomes
Ad Stars 2010
The faces and names behind the year's best pharmaceutical advertising.
Web Infinity - And Beyond!
Three ad agencies came up with two similarly designed ways of keeping track of online healthcare conversation, harnessing the power of social media sites like Twitter and Digg.
Echo Torre Lazur
The faces and names behind the year's best pharmaceutical advertising.
Cadient Interactive
The faces and names behind the year's best pharmaceutical advertising.
EuroRSCG Tonic
The faces and names behind the year's best pharmaceutical advertising.
The faces and names behind the year's best pharmaceutical advertising.
Compass Healthcare
The faces and names behind the year's best pharmaceutical advertising.
Digitas Health
The faces and names behind the year's best pharmaceutical advertising.
The faces and names behind the year's best pharmaceutical advertising.
The faces and names behind the year's best pharmaceutical advertising.
Saatchi & Saatchi
The faces and names behind the year's best pharmaceutical advertising.
The faces and names behind the year's best pharmaceutical advertising.
DDB New York
The faces and names behind the year's best pharmaceutical advertising.
The faces and names behind the year's best pharmaceutical advertising.
A Sturdy Framework
Improving field force business planning requires managers to run each sales territory as if it is a self-contained business operation.
UCB-sponsored PatientsLikeMe Site is Live
All eyes are on PatientsLikeMe's new epilepsy site. The social network is backed by UCB, but the pharma firm is taking a hands-off approach. Is this the future of pharma social media?
Patient Partnerships Under Scrutiny
New tools are beig applied to make patient advocacy powerful and measurable.
Build a Better Lunch Table
In a new era of research partnerships, targeted information databases can improve collaborative decision making and speed new medicines to market.
Rx Club Awards 2009: Spotlight on Synergy
This year's winning brand advertising campaigns convey compelling messages with eye-catching graphics and creative copy.
The New Four P's of Marketing
The rules of the game have changed. While pharmaceutical executives have been busy trying to keep up with a radically shifting marketing landscape, technology has swept in and changed everything marketers held sacred.
The Best Story Wins
Storytelling is a great tool for clinical settings more accustomed to evidence-based marketing.
Make Rebates Work
Process-driven managed-care rebating programs can drive profitability
Personalized Medicines: Implications for Pharma
Marketers will need to address not only the benefits of the therapy but also the benefits of a diagnostic assay.
FDA Warning Letters Target Illegal Online Pharmacies
Feds targeted 136 Web sites offering foreign or unapproved drugs as part of International Internet Week of Action. But does the FDA campaign ignore a larger crisis endangering consumers?
A Call for Social Media Guidelines
Nearly 70 pharma execs, new media mavens, and even Joe Q. Public packed last week's FDA social media hearings to plead for some form of guidance on how to handle Tweets, blog comments, and off label discussions online.
Revamp the Pitch Process
Emphasizing mutual transparency can be a recipe for successful long term client–agency relationships.
Reckless Abandonment
Executives should embrace design to discover new markets and find new ways to server customers.
Marketing's Stepchild No More
In today's "show me the money" marketplace, reimbursement strategy must innvolve more than seeking a good price based on ability to pay.
Talk of the Town
Conversational marketing is a great resource for understanding and influencing physician–patient dialogues in the emerging healthcare environment.
Sanofi Warned for Misleading Tent Card
Sure, prescription information for Sanofi-Aventis's Uroxatral appears on the back of the tent card, but how can consumer?s see it if it's mounted to a pharmacy wall?
Sidewiki: What's Pharma to Do?
Google opened up a whole new era of social media when it released Sidewiki - a tool that allows anyone to comment on any Web site. Now pharma has a new battle to fight.
Making Big Waves
How a small competitor benefited from the use of interactive marketing.
Innovation By Design
Executives should embrace design to discover new markets and find new ways to server customers.
Pharma-Targeted Brandjacking on the Rise
Illegal online pharmacies are on the rise, brandjacking dozens of big name pharmaceuticals and netting almost $11 billion in sales this year alone. With consumers on the hunt for affordable meds, the trend is only going to get worse.
Relationship Building
The prescription for better pharma marketing: Gain understanding of your physician-customers by leveraging key analytical insights.
Maximize Your Marketing Spend
Close the loop between the pros and the consumers by integrating patient-physician communications into pharma brand planning.
An Open Conversation
Big Pharma navigates a regulatory minefield to reach social media consumers. It's anything but 'business as usual.'
The Power of Joe
With the emergence of user-generated content, marketers have to keep up on the buzz around their brands and categories on the Web.
Video Games: Key to the Future of Healthcare?
Initial survey and results suggest that health games and virtual worlds bear the potential to be "game changers" by improving education, provoking greater engagement, and engendering positive behavior to enhance health and wellness.
With One Voice
In an era of blurred channels and information clutter, it is critical for brand managers to develop a unified strategy that bridges the gaps between audiences.
The Art and Science of a Global Brand
To navigate the global marketplace, pharma companies have to mobilize a multifaceted team with the training to turn raw data into meaningful insights.
A Hard Pill to Swallow
Innovative pharmaceutical companies are reaching out to physicians and consumers in an effort to get patients to take their medicine.
Pfizer Joins Twitter Fray
The drug giant, last week, started tweeting about corporate initiatives, job openings, and news. Is Pfizer just jumping on the bandwagon, or is Twitter part of the company's social media strategy? Pharm Exec talks to Pfizer to find out more.
Connecting with Customers in Digital Space
Dani Friedland examines what Johnson & Johnson and other pharmaceutical companies are doing to succeed online.
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