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Case Study: Amgen hires Jan Ping for Coping with Cancer from
the Outside In educational campaign
Client : Amgen/ONSEdge
Project : Coping with Cancer from the Outside In educational campaign
Celebrity : Jan Ping
Amgen has changed the practice of medicine, helping millions of people around the world in the fight against cancer.
Amgen is involved in developing a promising new class of targeted cancer treatments called epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFr) inhibitors.
- Although EGFR inhibitor therapy shows huge promise 90% of patients undergoing treatment suffer from serious skin rash. This can be extremely uncomfortable and even potentially life threatening.
Motivated by the need to help patients, Amgen launched the Coping with Cancer from the Outside In educational campaign.
Amgen partnered with ONSEdge, a subsidiary of the Oncology Nursing Society, Dr. Edith Mitchell of Thomas Jefferson University and celebrity makeup artist and cancer survivor Jan Ping to educate oncology nurses about the skin-related side effects associated with EGFR inhibitors.
The strategy was to leverage the appeal of Jan Ping and to break into lifestyle and celebrity media.
The campaign was launched with robust media outreach culminating with an educational ancillary seminar at the 34th Annual Oncology Nursing Society Congress in San Antonio, TX.
Media included a SMT featuring Jan Ping and expert oncologist Dr. Edith Mitchell, an media news release (MNR) outreach and one-on-one national and local media interviews.
A photo of Jan Ping and a caption about the campaign was broadcast in Times Square on the evening of the launch during rush hour. The caption highlighted campaign’s “call to action” which www.onsedge.com, where nurses and interested parties can go for more information and useful campaign materials
Since the distribution, the MNR has received more than 100 hits and has been viewed by almost 100 media outlets. Photos and information from the MNR have been downloaded over 130 times and it has been linked to the New York Times Business section, the Los Angeles Times, and Reuters among others.
The press release announcing the program’s launch has generated over 20 placements to date, including postings on CNNMoney.com, MarketWatch, PharmaLive, and FiercePharma
Satellite Media Tour (SMT) Results
Station Network Market Audience Numbers
KWTX-TV CBS      Waco, TX (94) 12,484
WSAV-TV NBC   Savannah, GA (96) 28,564
WYYZ-AM RADIO                   Atlanta, GA (9)  17,000
WAMV-AM RADIO Roanoke, VA (66) 34,000  
Health Beat of Am RADIO                National                            1,779,000 
NewsUpdate                   SYND                 National                          3,115,356  
WDIS-AM RADIO                   Boston, MA (7)  17,000
KRES-FM RADIO                   Regional MO  603,500
WFIN-AM RADIO                   Toledo, OH (69)   17,000 
WSRB-FM   RADIO                   Chicago, IL (3)  175,100
WRTC-AM  RADIO                   South Bend, IN 74,047  
WNCR-TV IND               Raleigh, NC (29)  547,000
KAKE-TV  ABC               Wichita, KS (67) 33,289  
Good News Broadcast Internet           National                          500,000
Press Release Pickup
CNNMoney.com SysCon Media Examiner.com
Yahoo!Finance SunHerald.com NewsBlaze.com
Google Finance Providence Journal online Silobreaker.com
PharmaLive FiercePharma.com Individual.com
MarketWatch Red Orbit Kcautv.com
Bigcure4cancer.com EarthTimes  
TradingMarkets.com Bio-Medicine